Europan 9 Milton Keynes

This design was the winner of an international design competition for a site in the the Western Expansion Area of Milton Keynes. The proposal is for a new neighbourhood of more than 200 homes.

This project builds on the legacy of Milton Keynes as a green ‘City in the Forest’. How can this vision of a city linked through connected green spaces be maintained, whilst providing a denser and more urban setting for community life?

Our proposal seeks to invert the relationship between the green space of Milton Keynes, the grid roads and the neighbourhoods that sit between. Instead of a ‘City in the Forest’ we have proposed a ‘Forest in the City’. Within our proposals the network of green spaces, so characteristic of Milton Keynes, is maintained but is developed within the interior of the urban block and through a series of linear parks. Streets are defined by buildings rather than landscaped verges. Clear urban frontages provide a backdrop to the public life of the community. The green space of the ‘urban forest’ flows into the more private realm of the urban interior.